About us- Bluemarine recruitment

Everything has a new beggining…

As a placement service provider to many industries like marine, oil & gas ,renewable energy and HORECA we  fully assimilate our clients’requirements and offer the best HR solutions.

We select our candidates by evaluating their skills through several rounds of interviews.We carry out proper documentation verification and offer assistance to our clients in fulfilling training, travel and operational needs, facilitating full crew management.

We are flexible and receptive to our client requirements that cover all stages of the recruitment flow.

As many of our clients are based worldwide, we operate a 24 hour on-call service, in order to ensure fast and efficient services

What makes us different?

This is a good question. How are we different to our competitors? The answer is simple… our people.

We are ambitious and driven, tenacious and attentive, we are pro-active in our approach and most importantly we can identify areas where we can add value to our clients and candidates search process.

We believe that the most successful business relationships are based on true long-term partnerships and with that in mind we aim to become a trusted information source to our clients and candidates, a consultancy who will do exactly that… consult.

Lastly, we have fun whilst we work, a lot of fun. We hope that our clients and candidates enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with them.

Bluemarine Recruitment | 0040 722 596 143  office@bluemarine-recruitment.com  and 


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