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We’re passionate about best practices when it comes to recruitment delivery. We’re constantly exploring, codifying, and sharing new ones: best practices for generating recruitment results, best practices for becoming more productive in our work, and best practices for offering a higher level of RPO service to our clients.

We’ve built an extremely reliable, extremely flexible framework for delivering state-of-the-art service and results across the breadth of the recruitment spectrum.

Because we work from a recruiting framework and not a rigid process, we can be flexible in crafting custom professional solutions for our clients. One client’s solution might involve all seven of the framework steps. Another’s might involve just one or two of them.

The flexibility that’s inherent in the Seven Step’s recruitment framework means we can be super-efficient in solving each client’s unique challenges. We can react and scale rapidly as their needs evolve.

Customised  approach of recruitment services


  •  Assess past/ current recruiting strategy
  • Design custom recruitment process
  • Establish advisory relationship with HM


  • Building sourcing strategy
  • Data mining
  • Search engine optimization of all postings
  • Targeted social media & event based networking


  • Phone-screen candidates
  • Behavioral screening
  • Test and assess
  • Assessment tool recommendation
  • Selling the job opportunity
  • Building a robust referral network


  • Schedule interviews
  • Confirm interviews
  • Extensive candidate interview preparation


  • Gather manager feedback
  • Gather candidate feedback
  • Maximize # of “YES” candidates
  • HM interview skills analysis & optimization


  • In depth candidate pre-closure
  • Market research and offer analysis
  • Negotiate and extend offers


  • Conduct background /reference/drug checks
  • Provide new start orientation

Our industries

Marine sector


Drilling sector


Hospitality sector


Renewable energy sector


Recruiting solutions

Permanent Recruitment

Our dedicated Permanent Solutions Division provides a unique approach to delivering the staff that you want to employ.

Contract recruitment

Our Contract Solutions Division provides efficient and effective consultancy to the specialist area of temporary / interim resource.

 Global mobilization solutions

Bluemarine Recruitment boast an enviable record recruiting whole Project teams, ensuring a scalable solution can be found to suit your needs.

 Retained / Executive Recruitment

Our Retained Search Team tailor solutions for Senior/ Executive appointments, providing talent mapping and analysis throughout.

Recruitment process outsourcing

A unique and inimitable service where outsourcing the recruitment function is the preferred choice / option. Providing a centralized, easy to manage solution for all recruitment matters.

Evaluation process outsourcing  

Outsourcing the evaluation process will ensure 100% objectivity of the process.

After signing on, a seafarer in general will work onboard many units and under several superiors who not necessarily feel responsible for either their recruitment or promotion because they were not involved. Or they can work for a long period of time under the same supervisor which will create a connection that may influence the result of the appraisal.

A reliable and well-calibrated appraisal system has several important advantages for a rig manager and for the company.

It forms a valuable source of information about employees and can be a good and reliable tool for making decisions about terminating or continuing employment.

It can also serve as a basis for decisions concerning promotion and in identifying suitable individuals in position for promotion.

It could furthermore work as a formal feedback system from onboard management to shore management or the human resource department about the outcome of the company’s employment and recruitment strategy

Discover our success story

After a 10 years career in an HR – operational department I often found that as part of a large company you can very little say about the levels of service that were supplied to candidates and clients.

Whilst working for a large company it was also difficult to be flexible on price and rebate structures as you were governed by company rules. When the recession started, I decided to start an ethical business that could provide a more personal recruitment service that could be flexible to work within a changing market.

We are able to work with clients on a 1-2-1 bespoke basis and provide them with the right person for their role within their budgets and to their time-scale.

We can do this because we have the time to get to know our clients better and in effect become an extension of their HR/Management team.

Some of our clients have used the bigger agencies in the past and have decided to use us as a more local and personal alternative. They like the fact that we are not beholden to big sales targets and so we can focus 100% of our time on providing them with an excellent service.

We know that we are working in a difficult market and this is something we cannot change but quality recruiters will always have work, whether they work Why? Because job boards and online “databases” are unable to replace them. There are just too many skills required of a quality recruiter, and it’s these skills that take years to develop. Great recruiters don’t take short cuts because short cuts don’t work. They consistently practice the basics that made them successful in the first place.

We therefore put in 110% effort and are always looking at ways that we can add value to our service to make it attractive to clients.

During my career, I meet inspirational business people everyday, who have often overcome a great deal to get where they are today and am always inspired by their stories. They also inspire me to create my own story that can hopefully inspire other business women in the future.

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